Thug, Shop’s Yard & Vitamin C

Started the morning by cleaning and touching up the paint on underside of the Thug from all the cutting and grinding that was going on from routing fuel lines; and securing the fuel cell, battery hold downs and weight boxes in trunk.

While the paint was drying, I mowed the five acres around the shop, as it was getting pretty shaggy.


After. I left a little meadow for the Wildflowers to bloom next month

Back to the Thug, Friday four wires (10ga main power and ground, and 12ga fuel pump relay and tail light) were wrapped in convoluted tubing and ran from back of car to the front.

So after mowing the yard, I ran that string or wires along the same route as the 1/0 battery cable and secured it to the frame.

Then the Fuelab fuel pump I ordered came in, and it was the wrong one. My fault for not verifying PSI, Summit’s fault for not mentioning it was EFI instead of carburetor. The one I need is 7 weeks back ordered.

I’ll have to come up with Plan B.

Finally, the Vitamin C has everything ready to fire up and tune.




Shop work, Feb 19, 2018

Mapped out the fuel line routing, and got it plumbed as far as first filter. At lot of cutting and grinding to make sure lines have a straight shot and are away from sharp edges.

Then took it back off so all of paint can be touched up on Monday. I’m still waiting for the fuel pump so I can finish. I expect to be finished Monday.

Want to see if I can flip Vacuum Pump around, so that regulator is on top and puke tank line on bottom.

New red and black 10 gauge, along with a red and green 12 gauge wires were wrapped in convoluted tubing and strung front to back for tail lights and fuel pump relay. I’ll secure to frame Monday.

The cutting, grinding  and mocking up took a lot than expected, so it was late before I could cover the car and head home.


Setting up for tomorrow

The temperature went from 42 degrees to 80 degrees with a dense fog, and so the shop floor sweated completely wet faster than it could be mopped up. Some work was done yesterday.

Seats were pulled back out of the Thug, so under dash wiring could be inspected. It is a mess, so all new wiring will get strung.

My daughter polished the Thug’s wheels, and now she needs to get the polish off the slicks.

Forward movement engine limiter fabbed up and welded to K Frame.

Fuel regulator mounted to rat roaster intake.

Today floor was still soaked and my Shop Rat was at hospital, with his daughter who was having surgery. I had tons of parts delivered today,  so I set up carts for tomorrow’s work and put away spare parts.

About two years of oil filters.

A very nice STR14 I bought for the Vitamin C arrived. I’ll run the Vitamin C with the Cross Ram for a baseline before throwing the Rat Roaster on.

Have a cart set up to finish the Vitamin C, start and tune.

Set up cart for installing new fuel system.

And another cart for under hood, harness, net and running new wire.

Distilled water for radiator.

Finally put away spare parts that came in.


Busy Day At Shop

My 19-year-old Daughter, Hope, has been working three days a week at the shop – and is becoming very handy. Today she polished the Thug’s front wheels and wash my incredibly dirty truck.

I’m simultaneously getting the Vitamin C ready and assembling the Thug. The Vitamin C’s new engine is finished, it’s transmission painted, headers cleaned, and everything is ready to stab it into the car tomorrow.

0/1 cable run and clamped from front to back of Thug, cut off switch installed, and new 0/1 positive and negative cables made up and routed. I’ll have a friend check my work and then hook up positive and button up rear panel.

I have a little more work under the rear of car to brace weight boxes and fuel cell, and touch up paint. Hoping to get Vitamin C’s engine and transmission in tomorrow. Next week’s goals are fuel system in Thug, start and drive Vitamin C, bleed Thug’s brakes and put wheels on, and finish Thug’s electrical.

I was hoping to get a Product Sponsor for the fuel system, but wasn’t successful. I’m going to have to use an old Aeromotive system I use to run on this car when it was black.


Yesterday, I opened a ton of car parts boxes, and put the parts on the carts in the area of the build going on.

Voltage step down, seat belts, and window net for Thug.

Valve covers and Head bolts to complete Vitamin C engine.

Then started work on electrical by running and clamping the 1/0 cable front to back, installing charging studs, running independent grounds from each battery to frame plus ground between both batteries, and negative charging stud to frame.

The underside is not yet finished. I need to drill holes in angle iron to match the the bolts of fuel cell/weights boxes/battery hold downs (mounted on 1/8″ plate in trunk), and weld them between the frame rails so they become cross members securing those items in trunk. Then I’ll trim the bolts to proper length and touch up paint.

I ordered some 1/0 crimp terminal ends, which I need to finish positive terminal wiring. Yes, I have a hydraulic crimper to ensure they’re securely attached to 1/0 positive cable.

Other shop news of day was photoing a Genesis I need to list for sale, and released a trapped skunk that had been living under a container, about two miles away.





Its All Bolted Together

Starting with Vitamin C, the oil pan is on Short block and a polished up motor plate on. Still waiting on heads.

Headers and tethers on the Thug. It’s pretty damn tight in there.

Everything is bolted into the trunk of Thug. Next up is wire up batteries, charging studs and cut off. Then on to fuel system.

Then waited around for a prospective buyer of my 2006 F350 truck. He had me drive while he monitored everything on a notebook. It all checked out, so he gave me a bunch of Dead Presidents and drove into the darkness.

Paint, Holes, & Headers

Not thug related, but I put a handle on my aluminum roll-up bed cover. I don“t know why they don’t come with one.

Also not Thug related, but simultaneously I’m getting the Vitamin C ready – which is mostly building an engine for it. Just waiting for Machine Shop to finishing milling, new valves and guides. Yesterday I painted the short block Hemi Orange. Today I masked and painted the Cross Ram Intake.

Now Thug related, I quite by accident (looking for another part), found the Thug’s missing custom headers, that was in a box in my shed’s attic. I can now give Dallas’ (who was so gracious to pull his off to loan me) his headers back to him.

I next marked holes and then pulled out the mocked up the fuel cell, battery hold downs and weight boxes. I then started the process of breaking drill bits drilling through 1/8″ aluminum plate in trunk, and the steel bracing underneath. The orange marks were for 1/2″ Grade 8 hardware for the weight boxes, yellow for 5/16″ hardware for the battery hold downs, and silver for the 3/8″ Grade 8 hardware mounting fuel cell. This stuff is going no where should I wreck.

I’ll hopefully finish bolting the rest of if in tomorrow.

Long Day At Shop

Long day at shop today. Bottom end of Vitamin C’s (backup car) motor done. 440 block .040 over, new Eagle stock stroke crank, Eagle H-beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Clevite 77 bearings, Ross Dome Top Pistons, Coyles 9-way timing set, Milodon oil pump, bronze distributor gear…

Heads needed 2 valves, but having machinist replace entire set as age is unknown. Had the heads at my shop to check clearance – then back to machine shop for when the valves come in.

Had to run to Metal Supermarket to get a 3/32” aluminum plate to replace the Charlie’s oil pan’s baffle that was damaged. Had to run to Fastenal to order U Nuts to fasten baffle to oil pan. They won’t be in until Monday, so the oil pan couldn’t be put on – so short block in bag. Monday I’ll tape off and paint it and intake. I’ll paint heads when I get them back midweek. Had to order valve covers as one walked off somewhere. Also ordered another box of head bolts. For some reason I thought two heads worth were in a box.

On the Texas Thug, Steering link is in and tested to not interfere with oil pan. Drive shaft with new U Joints and billet is in. Ordered a 16/12 volt step down to wire car. Received the $300 chrome paint for the bumpers.

Pulled ignition box out of Whale for installation into the Thug.

Trunk Splatter Paint

Today, sprayed four cans of spatter paint, put fan on it for three hours, and final mock up after adjusting for Push/pull battery cut off.

Got the Driver’s name on door.

Replaced the worn wood grain on steering wheel of Diplomat.

Went to machinist to see if Vitamin C’s heads were ready – as I’m also getting a new motor in that car as a Plan B for Florida, in case I run into a wall on the Thug. He showed my how the valves were rattling in the heads because of worm out guides, and is replacing them.

Stopped by Dallas’ house to pick up his headers from the Big Red Ram. I need to make sure they fit (went from Elephant Ears to Motor Plate so engine moved slightly) before ordering new ones.

Trunk in and Primered

Didn’t get as far as I wanted today. I’ve been sick since Christmas and my ass is dragging. Anyway, golf cart is modified so I can get into trailer with rear seat on. The floor flips up to be in trailer, and down when out.

Got all of the 1/8” plate riveted into trunk. Tried one can of spatter paint after a can of adhesion promoter, and it didn’t cover shit. So I sprayed two cans of primer (still streaky wet in photos) and will let dry over night. I feel like I inhaled half of the primer.

Tomorrow I’ll spray in four cans of spatter paint and let dry for a couple of days. Monday I’ll bolt everything in and add the underside frame bracing. I’ll maybe work on window net, 5 point harness, and headers while spatter paint cures.