Small Details

I started the day pushing the Whale into the shop. I’ll soon start stripping, bagging, tagging and binning.

I finished sanding the fiberglass bumpers, wrapped them, and made an 80-mile round trip to drop off to get wrapped in Chrome.

The valve covers on the Thug’s engine were badly stained. I tried scrubbing with a stiff brush and solvent, but they still looked like crap. So I painted Burgundy to match the car, and let them dry in 80-degree bright sun all afternoon. I used 12oz of paint (6 coats) before I got it as smooth as I wanted it.

I installed the Thug’s Door Cards with new handles. It did require a run to Lowes.

A friend made me up this lettering a few years ago. I should have put them on a car sooner, as it was a bitch getting the paper off after a coupe of years.

I was going to work on the trunk, but I need some hardware to do the tail lights, and I need to do that first?

The steering column was taken down to bare metal (forgot to photo), and its hanging, waiting for some gloss Black paint in morning, before the cold front comes in over the weekend.

Photo of the Tubular Upper/lower QA1 Control Arms in front and Aerospace Components Brakes on all four corners. This is the third car I’ve replaced the Wilwoods with Aerospace Components. Don’t worry about a little flash on the rotors. It will be gone when I break in the pads.

I needed to leave a little early to order parts, so I covered the Thug and put the freshly painted Valve Covers on the Engine – before locking up.

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