Got a little further with trunk of Texas Thug

Didn’t get enough done as I had to run to Metal Supermarket for metal stock TWICE, and that’s a 90 minute round trip from Beasley. I left early to shower the metal shavings off before  my mother and remaining siblings does it’s annual grave site memorial & remembrance  for my father.  Then we were off to El Rodneys for our monthly (more like 9 times a year) Family Dinner with lots of El Mucho Grande Margaritas. As you can see from the photos, I’m the eldest remaining male Schultz. We’re a very close family who all live within spittin distance of each other. As we get older, we try to spend more time with each other. Collectively, we have about 30 kids (I have five) who are equally close, and I suspect all of our grand kids will also be close as they get older.

I got most everything out from under hood of Texas Whale (Wagon about to be restored) and the seats from inside. It will go on the rack for the underside to be stripped and painted. Then new carpet. Then chrome removed and body sanded smooth. Finally a distinctive body wrap before reassembly. New Lexan. Rear end will be dropped, disassembled, painted and rebuilt. Suspension and shocks will also be rebuilt.

Transmission is finished, engine parts are at the shop waiting for the block that is at machinist getting eight cylinder sleeves and machining.

But this site is about the Texas Thug.

Today, I Re-fabricated a better fuel cell mounting (I can’t have the cell’s fuel fittings go under the car because of the way the 4-link was done) and did final mock up. I wasn’t happy with the version of mount I’d done yesterday.

Tomorrow I put new trunk floor and underside cross member bracing in, and spatter paint.

Thursday I hope to have everything bolted in.

Friday, I want to run new fuel lines, make all the battery wiring, and polish the aluminum.

Times running out on my March 1st deadline, but I’m pretty sure I’ll make it. I’ve been sick since Christmas, but nwnwell enough to play catch up from time lost.

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