Long Day At Shop

Long day at shop today. Bottom end of Vitamin C’s (backup car) motor done. 440 block .040 over, new Eagle stock stroke crank, Eagle H-beam rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Clevite 77 bearings, Ross Dome Top Pistons, Coyles 9-way timing set, Milodon oil pump, bronze distributor gear…

Heads needed 2 valves, but having machinist replace entire set as age is unknown. Had the heads at my shop to check clearance – then back to machine shop for when the valves come in.

Had to run to Metal Supermarket to get a 3/32” aluminum plate to replace the Charlie’s oil pan’s baffle that was damaged. Had to run to Fastenal to order U Nuts to fasten baffle to oil pan. They won’t be in until Monday, so the oil pan couldn’t be put on – so short block in bag. Monday I’ll tape off and paint it and intake. I’ll paint heads when I get them back midweek. Had to order valve covers as one walked off somewhere. Also ordered another box of head bolts. For some reason I thought two heads worth were in a box.

On the Texas Thug, Steering link is in and tested to not interfere with oil pan. Drive shaft with new U Joints and billet is in. Ordered a 16/12 volt step down to wire car. Received the $300 chrome paint for the bumpers.

Pulled ignition box out of Whale for installation into the Thug.

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