Stabbed Engine and Transmission Into The Thug

Engine and Transmission now in car

The headers I use to run in this car went into the Big Red Ram, when I converted the car to an automatic for Dallas. The headers that I ran in BRR, when it was a stick, wont work in this car with an automatic. I’ll need to borrow Dallas’ headers until I can get some new ones made.

I’m hoping that the steering link will still go through the Charlie’s Oil Pan, as I’m using a new motor plate to replace the Elephant Ears I use to have. Also hoping the driveshaft still fits. I painted it last week, ordered a new billet trans yoke and 1350 U-Joints. However, while the rear of driveshaft is a 1350, the Ford 9″ was not. I just had to order a non-standard U-Joint from Strange.

Steering column is now also in the car.

I also strung new 00 battery cable front to back

Still have a ton to do before Bradenton, and more cold weather due in next week. I bought a propane hater for the shop. Hopefully, it will keep it warm enough.

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