Bumpers are Primed & Shifter Pedestal Started

The Thug’s fiberglass bumpers got a wet sanding with 400 grit, and wiped down with wax and grease remover.

Then I hit with 24 ozs of black primer.

Tomorrow they’ll get a light wet sanding and I’ll hit with the Liquid Chrome’s Base Coat. They’ll need to cure for two days and then I can brush on the Liquid Chrome. A day to cure then the Top coat gets sprayed on.

The Thug’s shifter is located too far back and and too low for my comfort. So I used some scrap aluminum to start fabricating a shifter pedestal that will bolt in where the shifter currently is, but will raise the shifter 7″ and move it forward 7″.

Tomorrow I’ll locate and drill the shifter mounting holes, scuff it up with 180 grit, wipe down with wax/grease remover and hit with primer. After that dries for a day,  I’ll paint gloss black, and then a couple coats of clear. I ordered some black marine grade vinyl and 6″ thick memory foam. I’ll make a 7″W x 7″L x 6″T armrest on a piece of 3/8″ plywood, and attach it in back of the shifter by running a couple of wood screws from under in the predrilled and countersunk holes. Then I can attach the shifter and mount it to the floor. The decorative holes also allow getting a wrench in to install and remove the mounting nuts.

While not related to the Thug, I finally located the Uber rare chin that mounts under the 60 Plymouth Wagon’s front bumper on eBay – after eight years of looking. Knock off the rust and I’ll take to my bud’s body shop to fix the dent and skim with filler.

Then finish sanding, primer, and take to the lady wrapping the wagon in a new theme so she can wrap it with the car. I should have that car back next month so I can start reassembling it


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