Getting Ready For Dave Duell Classic

The only thing left are the bumpers. I have a set of fiberglass bumpers and a $300 Easy Chrome kit. I had my Shop Rat wet sand and wash the bumpers for me, so I could paint the Easy Chrome on.

However, once i got the black base coat on, i noticed some flaws from the sanding job.

I ordered another can of the black base coat, so I can do it right. There won’t be enough time between now and Dave Duell Classic to wet sand, prime with heavy solids, wet sand the primer, spray on base coat, let cure 48 hours, brush on chrome, let cure, spray on top coat, let cure, and then mount on car. So I bought some aluminum stock to make mounts, and I’ll mount black bumpers Tuesday – and do it right after the DDC.

Also did a major detail job on car, and ordered the hood lip trim that classic Industries repops. I also want to clean and polish up the brake master cylinder before I lad up next Thursday.


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