Motor, Bumpers & Polishing

Pulled the intake and all of the lifters are Ok. Drained oil and cut apart oil filter to look in folds. Not a spec of anything. Put new rocker arm on, and the geometry is a little off, so I ordered a set of .080 valve lash caps.

The Thug’s bumpers were removed and I hit the flat areas with 400 grit on a random sander. My shop rat with wet sand the curves and the entire bumpers tomorrow and wipe down with grease/wax remover. I’ll spray with black primer and he’ll wet sand again next week. I’ll apply the chrome base coat wait two days, apply the chrome, wait two days, and then hit with Top Coat.

In other shop news;

I’ve decided to sell my 40000 mile Grand National that I’ve had since 1999. So I broke out the polisher to give light polish with Liquid Ice, and a coat of Mothers Carnuba wax. I only got half finish. I’ll finish tomorrow and take photos so I can list for sale.

I also have a like new, low mileage, factory AC Little Red Express that I’ve decided to sell. I will detail and photo over next week or so.


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