Ready To Race

Final touch thrashing has been going on to make the Thug ready to go racing.

Aluminum Bumper brackets were fabricated and Bumpers have been mounted.

When I get back from Dave Duell Classic I’ll finish sand, prime, sand again, apply Easy Chrome Basecoat, brush on Easy Chrome, and spray with clear. Wasn’t enough time to do before.

Located and installed hood lip trim. I’ll refinish the grill after the race.

Installed a hood rod.

Polished the ten year old radiator.

Fabricated some battery hold down spacers to replace stacks of  washers I’d been using on battery hold downs.

The five year old hold downs polished up well.

Also polished up weight boxes and fuel cell.

Before is above, after is below. I also swapped out bolts on hold downs and boxes with stainless socket screws.

I replaced intake lid screws with new, and used longer stainless where fuel regulator mounts, as the bolts weren’t catching threads.

Fixin to load up both cars (wagon going to get wrapped) into stacker. Were spending weekend at lake before heading out Monday evening. Virtually everything on the car is new and there was no time for Test ad Tune. The Dave Duell Classic will have to be our test season, so I expect that a lot of tweaking will be required.

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