The Thug Is In The House

We’re up at the NMCA Finals, and the Victory vs. NMCA Showdown at Lucas Raceway in Indy. Deb and I took a leisurely 2 1/2 day ride up here from Texas. It was relatively uneventful, with the exception of breaking a strap on the street car that was on the lift. That required me unloading and reloading both cars in a Walmart parking lot. Basically we left Monday afternoon and arrived at the track at 5 pm Wednesday.

Thursday, the track opened at 8:30 am, and we had the pit set up, credentials established, car tech’d in by noon.

Time trials started at 1 pm. Air was a horrible 4200′. I ran a 9.77 without weight.

2nd test and tune hit was a couple hours later. Starting line was horrible and I had a bad 60′.

My final hit was a little better when I took some air out of the slicks.

This morning we had a Time Trial at 10 am. The air was obviously much better, with a little tail/cross wind. I didn’t run with weight, although it was predicted I should put 60 pounds in to hit my 9.75 index.

So the First qualifying is scheduled at 2 pm, hot lapping us for the second at the end of the 2 pm group.

That assumes the weather allows all of that to happen.