Thug’s Rear Suspension Finished

I pulled the rear end out of the car, and then scraped and painted the underside of the car.  The rear end was disassembled, inspected and the housing and four link painted. The chunk was inspected and properly set. Everything was reassembled and installed back kn the car with new AFCO Shocks and Springs. New Aerospace Components brakes on the rear.

Texas Thug’s History

I originally bought the car in 2002 from a guy in Nebraska, who street raced it. When I bought t, it had a high horse power 383 and a 883 4-speed with a V-Gate Shifter. I took the car to Texas Thunder Performance in Frisco, Texas where it had its cage replaced with a 7.5 second Certified chrome-moly cage, 4-link back halved, and converted to an automatic – with a 451 from Big Red Ram, as that car needed the 4-speed tunnel,and the pedals.

I bracket raced it for a couple of years. At first as a high 10-second car with the 451, and then as a low 9-second car with a 540. Eventually I windowed the motor, and the car sat for quite a few years as I was busy racing the Big Red Ram in Nostalgia Super Stock.

My son raced it for about a year when he made the move from Nostalgia Muscle Car to Nostalgia Super Stock. I then gave him Big Red Ram after converting it to an Automatic, and I had moved into the Texas Whale.

About two years ago I stripped the car to bare bones and sent it off for body work and paint. As I write this, I’m in the process of putting the car together with new parts for the 2018 race season. Follow along as I update the site after updating the car.