A Social Site With Fairly applied Community Standards

and without the Liberal Gestapo tracking your every move, collecting information and reselling it, and punishing anyone posting to the Right of Bernie Sanders.

It’s called Old Hippie’s Damn Face Book. It “Looks & Feels” identical to Facebook, with most of the same features. You have your Profile, a Newsfeed of posts from friends and your Groups, Pages for businesses, Groups for like interests, a Marketplace to buy and sell, Photo albums and more.

The web address is a very simple www.OldHippie.com

It works perfectly with computers, tablets and even smartphones.

The simple goal is to grow a small community of a couple thousand like minded individuals, their family, and their friends. There is no desire to be huge, to make money, to have a Gestapo moderation department apply a Double-Standard of “Community Standards”, or to collect and sell your private information.

If you’re looking for a social community that will not be looking over shoulder and over-aggressively moderating your free speech – then why not be part of our small community by registering, checking in a few times a week, and participating, Old Hippie’s Damn Face Book would like for you to join us.

Welcome to The Texas Thug Web Site

My name is Dave Schultz, and I’m the owner and driver of a 1965 Dodge Coronet  Nostalgia Super Stock race car named the Texas Thug.

As I write this first post (November 26, 2017), the car is about 3/4 finished, meaning I have a long way to go to be ready for its first race in Bradenton, Fl this coning March.

The purpose of this site us to help find product sponsors, update the public on the progress of the build, and to give racing updates in the future.  Below you will find updates with the most recent first.