Welcome to The Texas Thug Web Site

My name is Dave Schultz, and I’m the owner and driver of a 1965 Dodge Coronet  Nostalgia Super Stock race car named the Texas Thug.

As I write this first post (November 26, 2017), the car is about 3/4 finished, meaning I have a long way to go to be ready for its first race in Bradenton, Fl this coning March.

The purpose of this site us to help find product sponsors, update the public on the progress of the build, and to give racing updates in the future.  Below you will find updates with the most recent first.

What’s Next?


  • Ordered 30′ of braided -AN10 for fuel system
  • Ordered a 5 gal Aluminum Fuel Cell
  • Ordered a pair of fabricated Aluminum Weight Boxes
  • I have a pair of Aerospace Components Battery hold downs
  • I have a couple cans of Spatter paint and clear over coat
  • Wiring for tail lights and fuel pump relay
  • I have a pair of 16v AGM batteries


  • I have a Indy 572-16 Head motor built by Diamondback Engines and Rebuilt by Indy. Since I’ve had two Indy built motors quickly blew up on me, I’m having Diamondback tear down and rebuild for the Thug.
  • TTI product sponsored the Vitamin C in return for banner advertising n my web sites, and I’m hoping I can persuade them to do the same for the Thug.
  • I bought a new front motor plate and mounts.


  • The underside has been painted with POR15 black on frame rails and POR15 Aluminum on pans.
  • Some seam sealer will need to be applied after the body work that was performed and painted over
  • I need to install a fuel pump and a pair of filters fore and aft. I have the Aeromotive that came off the car, but run Fuelab on the Texas Whale, and my son has one the car I gave him, although he currently not racing. I hoping I can work out a deal with Fuelab , as I prefer theirs.
  • I’ll most likely clean up and reuse the 00 ga battery cable I had on the car.


  • I ordered a quart of Black Hammered paint that I’ll repaint the cage with.
  • I’ll take the seats out and clean them and the carpet, then reinstall
  • New seat belts and net has been ordered
  • The door cards will go to interior shop to be recovered
  • I have new interior handles and cranks
  • I replaced windows with Pro Glass and have the inside molding from Clay and Sons that I need to refinish and install to keep Pro Glass in.
  • Paint Steering column and install


  • I have new handles and tail lights to install
  • I bought a couple grills that I need to polish and make into a A990 grill
  • I had nice chrome/metal bumpers on the car, but I bought a pair of fiberglass. I need to see how they look with chrome paint and a lot of clear and make a decisions if which to use.

Under Hood

  • Need to stab in motor, transmission and driveshaft
  • Polish the aluminum radiator
  • Wire relays for water pump and fans for engine cooling and B&M trans cooler

As you can see, I still have a couple very busy months ahead to be tested and ready by late February.

Thug’s Front Suspension is Finished

Bought a K-Frame from Clay & Sons and had Matt Wright at BRC lighten and box. I then had it powder coated in Chassis Black.  I also painted the steering tie rods, torsion bars and other links Gloss black. The control arms were replaced with new QA1 tubular and new upper and lower ball joints. Shocks are Afco and brakes are Aerospace Components.

Thug’ Transmission Finished

Transmission was completely disassembled, the case cleaned ad smoothed, reassembled withe the best racing parts, and painted Burgundy. Ready to reinstall with a freshened ATI 8″ converter, new B&M SFI flexplate, and new ARP crank and converter bolts.

Thug’s Rear Suspension Finished

I pulled the rear end out of the car, and then scraped and painted the underside of the car.  The rear end was disassembled, inspected and the housing and four link painted. The chunk was inspected and properly set. Everything was reassembled and installed back kn the car with new AFCO Shocks and Springs. New Aerospace Components brakes on the rear.

Texas Thug’s History

I originally bought the car in 2002 from a guy in Nebraska, who street raced it. When I bought t, it had a high horse power 383 and a 883 4-speed with a V-Gate Shifter. I took the car to Texas Thunder Performance in Frisco, Texas where it had its cage replaced with a 7.5 second Certified chrome-moly cage, 4-link back halved, and converted to an automatic – with a 451 from Big Red Ram, as that car needed the 4-speed tunnel,and the pedals.

I bracket raced it for a couple of years. At first as a high 10-second car with the 451, and then as a low 9-second car with a 540. Eventually I windowed the motor, and the car sat for quite a few years as I was busy racing the Big Red Ram in Nostalgia Super Stock.

My son raced it for about a year when he made the move from Nostalgia Muscle Car to Nostalgia Super Stock. I then gave him Big Red Ram after converting it to an Automatic, and I had moved into the Texas Whale.

About two years ago I stripped the car to bare bones and sent it off for body work and paint. As I write this, I’m in the process of putting the car together with new parts for the 2018 race season. Follow along as I update the site after updating the car.